Reducing the Risks of Concrete Drilling and Sawing

There’s no safer way to scan and cut concrete, period. 

The SafeCore System has proven to improve job site safety, increase communication and reduce risk in the workplace.

“Authorize to Scan” (ATS) Locate Tracking numbers are assigned to each job. The SafeCore App Barcode Function allows project members immediate access to the GPR report as well as the data associated with the project.

SafeCore certified GPR technicians utilize the revolutionary “patent pending” SafeCore Standard Uniform Infrastructure Marking system to apply clear, consistent and uniform marks over critical embedded infrastructure.

All ATS locations are photographed, captured and stored utilizing GPS coordinates.

A SafeCore GPR Survey Report is provided for each job and every location.

gpr structure scanning
construction top view

The SafeCore smartphone application is designed to improve communication, reduce confusion and increase awareness of known utilities and structural embedment’s. Concrete cutters and layout personnel review all scan locations prior to layout, coring and sawing.

Project members have the ability to view as well as add drawings, photos, videos, files and comments to each project.

Job progression is tracked from GPR scheduling to mechanical installation.

SafeCore technicians add uniform informational language in and around the clearly defined survey areas. The marked embedment’s and informational language are applied to concrete surfaces by utilizing military grade indelible ink that will remain visible for many years to come. As a result, these marks alert future managers and contractors to known dangers.

In cases where permanent marks are not applicable, SafeCore technicians implement the SafeCore Standard Uniform Tape Marking System to be utilized on carpeting, tile and other finished surfaces.

Accurate Information + Clear Communication = Better Risk Decisions

SafeCore Systems logo
SafeCore Systems logo
SafeCore Systems logo


SafeCore Systems was developed to provide uniform standardized safety and risk management GPR services to our clients and facilities to prevent costly structural damages and reduce job site injuries.

These damages, injuries and losses are a direct result of the destructive process caused by the cutting or compromising (during core drilling, concrete sawing, anchoring and demolition procedures) of insufficiently or improperly marked concrete encased live conduits, post tension cables, structural steel and communication lines.

The GPR and concrete cutting industry, until now, lacked a standard infrastructure marking system.

The utilization and implementation of the SafeCore Systems “patent pending” standard uniform marking, communication and data storage system has proven to reduce contractor risk and minimize facilities exposures to damages.

SafeCore Systems would not exist if not for the efforts of the devoted staff at Butler Coring and the over 100 combined professional GPR technicians, concrete cutters, safety professionals and software developers.

A special thanks goes out to our loyal customers for providing additional input throughout the development of the SafeCore System.

Here’s to a safer tomorrow.

Jim Butler


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SafeCore Systems
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